Review: Jek/Hyde

Book Title: Jek/Hyde Author: Amy Ross REVIEWED BY: CHELSEA Series: None Genres: Young Adult, Retellings Goodreads Pub Date: 10/03/17 3 STARS Lulu and Jek are science nerds, and have been best friends since they were young…or at least they used to be. Lately Jek has been pulling away from Lulu, just as she's coming to… Continue reading Review: Jek/Hyde


Review: Blue Light Yokohama

Book Title: Blue Light Yokohama Author: Nicolas Obregon Series: Inspector Iwata #1 Genres: Crime Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Police Procedural Goodreads Date Read: 02/16/17 Pub Date: 03/07/17 4 STARS   Newly reinstated to the Homicide Division and transferred to a precinct in Tokyo, Inspector Iwata is facing superiors who don’t want him there and is… Continue reading Review: Blue Light Yokohama