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New York City

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New York New York City

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This # called my mobile, left no message. Has same first six digits as my mobile.

Sun Feb 28, 2021  at 02h26  

Confused, they keep calling and harassing me to marry them

Mon Sep 30, 2019  at 22h00  

If you miss or ignore the call, then call back, the automated message states "The number you have called is NOT IN SERVICE. Please check the number and try your call again." This is strange because, if the number is "NOT IN SERVICE", how did I receive a call from THAT (not in service) number. (Probably a scam I'm grateful to have missed.)

Wed Apr 01, 2020  at 05h48  

Last Seen

  • Around: New York City
  • Specifically: 11361, 11358, 11362, & 11363
  • Using: Paging (Dedicated)


  • City: New York City
  • County: Queens
  • State: New York

Additional Details

  • Served by: AAT Paging Corporation
  • Ping rate: 2230722
  • Busiest: Nyc brooklyn-williamsburg

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