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New York Patterson

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Other Users' Comments on Your (Or Similar) Callers

All received that same message, it's a fraud. They threaten to take legal action against you too..

Mon Feb 18, 2019  at 04h19  

Her 21yr old daughter know about it too... what a great influence!!!!

Fri Jun 18, 2021  at 10h42  

This is a scam number as far as I know! Some computer automated caller who called my man fiancé last night and then she turned around and messaged him and so I messaged it back and told it to leave us alone

Wed Nov 17, 2021  at 12h20  

Last Seen

  • Around: Patterson
  • Specifically: 12563 & 12531
  • Using: Regular Landline


  • City: Patterson
  • County: Putnam
  • State: New York

Additional Details

  • Served by: Broadview Networks
  • Ping rate: 99710
  • Busiest: Nyc manhattan-26th st

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