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Texas Richmond-Rosenberg

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called number back sounds like a faxe ring

Sat May 02, 2020  at 12h11  

Unsolicited call identified by Hiya as Dave Milam, unknown to me. No message left. Suspected telemarketer or spam/scam call.

Sun Dec 22, 2019  at 21h18  

no message. Net ID sees as probable scam.

Sun Feb 23, 2020  at 04h06  

Last Seen

  • Around: Richmond-Rosenberg
  • Specifically: 77471, 77469, 77478, & 77489
  • Using: Cellular (Dedicated)


  • City: Richmond-Rosenberg
  • County: Fort Bend
  • State: Texas

Additional Details

  • Served by: AT&T Mobility
  • Ping rate: 585375
  • Busiest: Houston

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