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Georgia Atlanta Northeast

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States Directory / Georgia678 / 678-629 / 678-629-39

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telemarketer they say a loan application was completed, which is not true. When asked to remove number a guy named David said I would have to pay to get the number removed from his data base.

Wed Jan 19, 2022  at 10h10  

Automated Message "IRS investigating for fraud" Yeah, I'm sure they are and they felt like an automated message is a good way to reach me instead of by mail--SCAM!

Wed Apr 27, 2022  at 08h19  

Missed call. No idea who this is.

Sun Jul 14, 2019  at 17h09  

Last Seen

  • Around: Atlanta Northeast
  • Specifically: 30047, 30002, 30005, & 30017
  • Using: Regular Landline


  • City: Atlanta Northeast
  • County: Gwinnett
  • State: Georgia

Additional Details

  • Served by: Charter Fiberlink
  • Ping rate: 805321
  • Busiest: Sugar hill

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