Grand Prairie

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Texas Grand Prairie

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CAUTION: Caller asked to speak with my wife, but wouldn't identify himself.

Mon Sep 13, 2021  at 21h31  

I got a lingerie text message photo

Sat May 14, 2022  at 12h36  

No voice on the other end; likely scam/crook/telemarketer.

Sun Jun 27, 2021  at 04h10  

Last Seen

  • Around: Grand Prairie
  • Specifically: 75051, 75054, 75050, & 75052
  • Using: Cellular (Dedicated)


  • City: Grand Prairie
  • County: Dallas
  • State: Texas

Additional Details

  • Served by: T-Mobile
  • Ping rate: 2368139
  • Busiest: Dallas

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