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Lightning Round w/ Nathan Ripley

Hello fellow readers and welcome to my favorite segment, Lightning Round! I’ve realized with the growing community of book reviews and related content posts that it’s difficult to fit in reading all of the things we want to. After brainstorming in an effort to connect readers with authors in a more personal way, I came up with the idea for these “bullet interviews”-think more of a get to know the person who’s writing the book rather than us trying to sell you a piece of merchandise. It’s a fun, fast segment, similar to the templates you currently see in Instagram stories. Today’s guest is Nathan Ripley/Naben Ruthnum, author of Find You In The Dark.  Please join me in giving Nathan a warm welcome and come chuckle along with me at his fabulous answers to my ridiculous questions. 😉



Name: Naben Ruthnum
Birthday: Early July
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Current Location: Toronto, Canada


Job: Cherry sorting at an orchard
Car: Never had one! Maybe someday
Pet: Buddy, the cat I stole from my old roommate.
Crush: Sigourney Weaver


Color: Black
Food: Curry (I wrote a book about it!)
TV Show: The Sopranos
Song: Surf’s Up by The Beach Boys

Memories/Best Of-

Vacation: New Orleans
High School Prom Theme: Contest Winners by Pino Donaggio
Award/Honor: The Journey Prize
Beloved Indie Book Store: Flying Books / Sellers & Newel

Bookish Favorites:

Book: Humboldt’s Gift by Saul Bellow
Author: Patricia Highsmith
Genre: Thriller
Book to Movie Adaption: The Third Man

This or That:

Reading During the Day or Night: Night
Comedy or Drama: Drama
Physical Book or E-Reader: Physical
Road Trip or Plane: Plane
Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings: Neither
Wine or Beer: Beer
Sushi or Tacos: Sushi (on the coast–inland, tacos)
Early Riser or Night Owl: Night Owl
Introvert or Extrovert: Both
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner


Naben Ruthnum is a Canadian writer, who has published work under both his own name and the pen name Nathan Ripley.

He won the Journey Prize in 2013 for his short story “Cinema Rex”, and has since published the books Curry: Reading, Eating and Race (2017), a non-fiction essay collection about immigrant cultural identity in food and literature, and Find You in the Dark, a literary thriller novel.

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