Read. Watch. Review.

Read. Watch. Review. -The Hunger Games

Hey Gang! Welcome to our very first Read. Watch. Review. segment. Sam and I decided to choose an older, yet uber popular novel-to-screen adaption, The Hunger Games, as our first pick and I’m thrilled that we did! While Sam had read this one years ago, I had only seen the movies as they were released, so reading it was new for me. It made an interesting dynamic for our conversations during both the reading portion and viewing the film again, and it was nice to have Sam able to take the lead in some instances in explaining things I may have missed or didn’t quite grasp as it was not her first rodeo. If you’re interested in my final thoughts of the book, you find them via my Goodreads review HERE. Otherwise, scroll below for Sam and I’s thoughts on the film vs the book.


Obviously our initial discussions revolved around the character castings and how true to the book we felt they were. We really only had one issue… Hehe.

And of course we had to compare the book vs the movie in general.


We also discussed how Ms. Collins was able to take something so nuts and make it feel so real.


And also we had to discuss the CG quality of the fire in the movie. HAH!


Finally, we acknowledge how we wouldn’t last a minute in the hunger games. And also how Sam fell asleep. 🙂


And that’s it for The Hunger Games! We’ll be continuing on shortly with Catching Fire, and can’t wait to share our thoughts with you as we go. ❤

6 thoughts on “Read. Watch. Review. -The Hunger Games”

  1. I too have only watched the Hunger Games movies as they were released and have yet to read the books. They are on my tbr list and I am excited to begin reading this series. I loved the movies but of course the books are always better 😍😍 Enjoyed reading your new post and looking forward to the next one in this series. 😄

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