The Replacement Wife Is “Irreplaceable”

Book Title: The Replacement Wife
Author: Britney King
Series: Follow up to The Social Affair
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Pub Date: 5/3/18

Widower Tom Anderson is a savant with more affinity for numbers than people.  Problem is, one is a lonely number. Thankfully, he solved for X by finding the perfect woman. It wasn’t easy. Tom is very specific. He has to be. 

Having checked ‘find trophy wife’ off his list, life was moving along swimmingly. Until that perfect woman let it slip—she has a past. One she kept hidden, almost perfectly.

Sure, she lied—she fudged the numbers. Most women do. 

Now, Tom has buyers’ remorse and according to cult rules only two options: get rid of her—or single-handedly erase her past. 

She’s a liar. But she does keep house well. And she makes a mean lasagna. 

Decisions, decisions.


Before I get started, I’d like to point out one thing. While this *technically* can be read as a standalone, I would urge you to pick up and read The Social Affair first in an attempt to introduce you to the New Hope world and the backstory into a few of the characters mentioned in The Replacement Wife. Besides, it was just an all around awesome read, so duh. Read it first. But also, read this one too. Ok, now that we have that clear, let’s move on.

I feel like books written by Britney King should come with a warning-open only when you have a chance to devour in one sitting. They’re that good.

I have struggled writing reviews for all three of King’s books that I have read (to date), not because they’re problematic or flawed, but because they are so twisty and compulsive that I’m grinding my teeth in fear of ruining even the slightest surprise for a future reader. Her blurbs are relatively vague, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, which is EXACTLY how they should be. No detail is included that could spoil the reader, but the foreshadowing that you’re able to see after finishing the novel is mind blowing. If you haven’t read TSA yet, I would recommend you stop reading my review here and come back to it after you’ve done so. If you are ready to start TRW, you still should stop here and just go start the book. 😉

I love that we get to revisit many of the same characters in this book that we did in TSA, but with a new focus on the supporting cast from the previous novel. This trend that King has of connecting all of her books through various character spotlights is BRILLIANT! I wish more authors would do this, because I can hardly handle the amount of suspense and connectivity the reader feels not only in the surprises they will find for the book they are reading, but in the anticipation of the future novels as well. GENIUS!

Sorry, I know you’re disappointed that you’re not getting any details from me on this one, but tough titty. You’ll thank me later, I promise! All you need to know is 1) Read The Social Affair first and 2) Follow it up by immediately reading The Replacement Wife. Highly recommended to those who enjoy novels of gluttonous suspense peppered with trending topics and relevant media.

*Many thanks to the author for providing my copy for review. 


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