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Hello friends! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s officially May and the year is almost half over. Gasp. I’ve been diligently posting book reviews but otherwise, it’s been mostly quiet here on The Suspense Is Thrilling Me. I’ve been doing a lot of planning, creating, and preparing over here, and I’m so excited to share some of the new segments to come and overall exciting times headed your way.


»First off, you may have noticed that we haven’t posted one of Dennis’s reviews in awhile. That’s because he is starting his own blog! Hooray! We are incredibly happy and excited for him, so he is saving up some of his most recent reviews to have content to get him going in the early stages. Stay tuned as we will be spilling all the tea of where you can follow him once the blog goes live and remain up to date on all things @scared_str8! ❤


»So I debuted this one a little early, but one of the newest additions to my reviews are a set of bullet interviews called Lightning Round! I feel like, as readers, we are swamped with posts and can’t seem to fit all that we want to catch up on in the daily hours we are given, so I found a way to connect readers to authors in a personal way. These are structured a bit like the templates you find currently in Instagram stories, and I’m so excited for you to read some of the silly answers I’ve received. These take no longer than 5 minutes max to read, so you can easily read them on your phone in a flash. Here’s the first one with Emily Carpenter in case you missed it.


»So awhile back, Sam @ Clues and Reviews and I found ourselves with husbands working at night and needing to break up our reading routine. (For anyone who may not be familiar she is in Canada and I’m in the US) We decided on a whim one night to pick a movie to “watch together” and had the best time discussing throughout and laughing our heads off. After that an idea came to us; what if we chose book-to-film adaptions to jointly review? Read the book, watch the movie, and write a review. These posts will be discussion focused and will include our thoughts on book and movie, while also including screenshots of our candid, immediate thoughts while reading and watching. I can’t wait for you to laugh as hard as we do with these! First up: The Hunger Games!


»This is definitely the one I’m most nervous AND excited for. For my birthday this year, Mr. Humphrey bought me a journal titled “Write The Story”. Each page features a different subject/prompt and you are given a list of words to include in your short story, then you write the story. Catchy, huh? While I’m terrified to share anything I write here, I think it’ll be a good exercise for me to dip my toes into writing and growing in that area, as opposed to solely focusing on book blogging. You never make progress until you practice, right? I’m honored to be sharing these with you all and gladly welcome constructive criticism and discussion here! ❤


»One final change is I’m trying out is the inclusion of mood boards and book aesthetics with my reviews! I’ve really enjoyed the stress relief and creative outlet it brings; I feel as though it’s a truly wonderful way to connect potential readers to a novel they may enjoy by visualizing the atmosphere and setting to the story. These are few I’ve worked on recently, so bear with me as I improve my photo collage skills. 😉


»And that’s it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this far and I can’t wait to share all of these wonderful new additions with you over time. I’ll still be posting reviews, NetGalley updates, and occasional other content posts, so hopefully things will be really busy here in the foreseeable future. XOXO, Chels

38 thoughts on “What’s New Around Here”

  1. I love all these new ideas!! Moodboards sounds like it’s going to be a really neat addition to your posts. I used to do watch sessions with my online friends of movies or TV shows we were into. It’s always a riot and a good time! I’ll miss Dennis’ reviewed here, but I’m happy for him to be starting his own venture this year. Can’t wait to see his blog up and running!

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  2. This is incredible. I am so exited to read all of your new features and posts. The movie night you already have with Sam sounds so cute, and the book to movie feature sounds fantastic! I am also really looking forward to your “Write The Story” posts which I have no doubt will be brilliant too!! Good Luck Lovely xx

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  3. Sounds great! While I might not post much I always enjoy reading your blog. My little blog got a new feature too. I got a kindle (yippee, mine broke 3 years ago and I swore I’d never replace it) so now I’m back at Netgalley and reading reading reading because I may or may not have been request happy on the day it arrived! 🙂 Just read The Good Twin (loved it!)

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