Dennis Reviews: Let Me Lie

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Book Title: Let Me Lie
Author: Clare Mackintosh
Series: None
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction
Pub Date: 03/13/18

The police say it was suicide.
Anna says it was murder.
They’re both wrong.

One year ago, Caroline Johnson chose to end her life brutally: a shocking suicide planned to match that of her husband just months before. Their daughter, Anna, has struggled to come to terms with their loss ever since.

Now with a young baby of her own, Anna misses her mother more than ever and starts to question her parents’ deaths. But by digging up their past, she’ll put her future in danger. Sometimes it’s safer to let things lie…


Clare Mackintosh and I have a very interesting relationship; I have strong opinions about her novels….and she has no idea who I am. When I started reviewing thrillers, one of the first big stories I reviewed was I See You, and it just wasn’t my favorite story. I do know that the author spent over a decade on the police force and it has become some sort of a muse for her widely popular thriller novels. When I received my advanced copy of Let Me Lie from Berkley (thank you!), I wanted to give Ms. Mackintosh a second chance. Let me tell you, I am so happy that I did!

Let Me Lie is a deep, emotionally-driven thriller that successfully juggles many real-life dramas that can happen to anyone. What makes this story so enthralling for me was that while I was reading, I felt that this could happen to anyone. These realistic themes not only make the story immersive, but also very enchanting. In Let Me Lie wdeal with suicide, family conflict, mental illness, and betrayal. Anna Johnson is coping after a year of chaos and depression from the suicides of her mother and father. Both parents chose to end their lives in the same way within a short span apart from each other. Anna is now a mother, raising her newborn Ella with her partner Mark, and she is still struggling with the aftermath of their deaths. She misses her parents immensely, but on the anniversary of her mother’s death she receives information that could change the magnitude of everything.

Let Me Lie is a story that if you know any more than the blurb I provided, it could potentially spoil it for you. Go in blind, I’m warning you now. Anyone who tells you more about this story is a bad friend and should be excommunicated immediately. While I was reading Let Me Lie , I did note many similarities to I See You that I wanted to comment on. With this story, we do receive multiple POVs that alternate mainlybetween the main character and the police officer investigating the crime. I believe what makes Let Me Lie a more robust story than her predecessors is that we have an interesting back story for both narrators without deviating too much from the main plot. The story this time around is concentrated on a centralized theme and we really don’t get any irrelevant potholes. My only concern with this novel is that in the first 1/3 of the story, it stays pretty stagnant in terms of plot development. We hear accounts from Anna and the people in her life and how they dealt with the suicides of Caroline and Tom Johnson. I grew a tad impatient when starting this story because I knew that it was going to deliver more action. Before any real action took place, we kept hearing about the emotional status of everyone around her. It just felt a little repetitive to me and I caught myself itching to skip around. However, I stuck with it and I am glad I did because as I read on, everything made sense to me. If you find yourself feeling like this is a slow-burn without any golden nuggets, keep going—I promise it’ll all make sense. Ms. Mackintosh set the stage expertly and you’ll catch yourself going “ah-hah! at the perfect moment.

Clare Mackintosh, I’m back on board the super-fan train. I’m excited for what you have next in store. Let Me Lie will be released on March 8, 2018 everywhere. Thank you again Berkley Publishing for my advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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