Highly Anticipated Reads: 02/2018

It’s Monday, and as we start moving toward the end of the month I thought it would be fun to make a list of my most anticipated reads for February of 2018! Some of these are arcs I received and others are just books I’ve been eyeing on my wishlist for months now. However it happened, these books have caught my eye and I’m chomping at the bits to read them! I’ve tried to include varying genres that may appeal to a wide array of readers, but I obviously tend to gravitate toward thrillers and ya books, so you’ll see lots of those below. What books are on your highly anticipated list for next month?

February 6, 2018:

Girl Unknown by Karen Perry (Henry Holt and Co.)
The Storm King by Brendan Duffy (Ballantine Books)
By A Charm And A Curse by Jaime Questell (Entangled Teen)

February 13, 2018:

Mister Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson (Sourcebooks Landmark)
Look For Her by Emily Winslow (William Morrow Books)
Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella (The Dial Press)

February 14, 2018:

As Sick As Our Secrets by A.B. Whelan (InMotion Capitol)

February 20, 2018:

The French Girl by Lexie Elliott (Berkley Books)
The Shape Of Water by Guillermo del Toro, Daniel Kraus (Feiwel & Friends)
Pitch Dark by Courtney Alameda (Feiwel & Friends)

February 27, 2018:

People Like Us by Dana Mele (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)
Daughter Of The Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller (Feiwel & Friends)
The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard (Blackstone Publishing)


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About The Suspense Is Thrilling Me

Chelsea is a happily married mother of two who's love of mysteries can be traced back to her first Nancy Drew experience. When not reading and writing book reviews, she likes to drink wine in her jammies and pretend that she exercises.
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30 Responses to Highly Anticipated Reads: 02/2018

  1. Thriced says:

    hmm I was considering picking up people like us! great list

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  2. I’m excited for Pitch Dark, The French Girl, and The Liar’s Girl as well! All three of them sound so amazing! 😍 I actually got to read an early copy of People Like Us, and I rated it three stars, so I hope you enjoy it! 😄

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  3. Chelsea I have three of these titles on my TBR now. That makes me interested in finding out more about the ones I don’t have…

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  4. These all look so good! It’s an awesome mix and I can’t wait for your reviews!

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  5. emmareadstoomuch says:

    AHHH so many books. so many beautiful covers??????

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  6. Nice…looks like a lot of great books here!! I’m off to check a few of them out on GR 😊

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  7. LairOfBooks says:

    Wonderful list Chelsea! People Like Us just recently caught my interest & I may have to pick up a copy on release day. Daughter of the Siren Queen is one of my TOP highly anticipated books for 2018 & gahhhh! I love the world & characters Tricia Levenseller has created. The cover for The Shape of Water is calling my attention & I had no idea Guillermo Del Torro had written a book, thank you for putting it on my radar *eeeeK* Happy reading! 🙂

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  8. I’ve not even heard of most of these! Would be helpful to have titles linked to Goodreads so can read up on the ones I don’t know.

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  9. Irina Humphrey says:

    Such a great list!! Two so far on my TBR but def need to add a few more from your list!

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  10. Holly B / Dressedtoread says:

    Looks like a great mix of titles Chelsea!! Happy reading! Can’t believe Feb. is right around the corner….

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  11. I must say that Daughter of the Siren Queen is one one of my most anticipated release.. And Love the covers… But I find the cover of People LIke Us creepy.. reminds me of Japanese and Korean horror films and they’re really creepy.

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  12. Dr. Stacey L. Camp says:

    And that Pitch Dark cover is seriously amazing.

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  13. Dr. Stacey L. Camp says:

    Reading The French Girl right now – so far so good, though I am only 10% of the way in and not quite addicted yet 🙂 I also want Ruth Ware to publish another book this year, but that’s probably not going to happen.

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  14. By a Charm and a Curse was really good! I think you will like it!

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  15. Scrill says:


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