Review: No Vain Loss

Book Title: No Vain Loss
Author: M. C. Frank
Series: No Ordinary Star #3
Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Fantasy
Pub Date: 11/25/17

She A soldier is summoned to the North Pole, days before the year changes, told to fix the great Clock for a celebration. He has no idea what to do.
A girl, hunted for the crime of being born, almost dies out on the ice. She is rescued by the last polar bear left alive.
A library waits for them both, a library built over a span of a hundred years, forgotten in the basement of an ice shack.
The world hasn’t known hunger or sickness in hundreds of years. It has also forgotten love and beauty.
This is the One World.
The year is 2524.

Inspired by the short stories of Ray Bradbury, this futuristic young adult novel in three parts is set in a world where Christmas -among other things- is obsolete and a Clock is what keeps the fragile balance of peace.

Written in three parts, this is the breathtaking story of how two unlikely people change the world, and each other, one book at a time. 

In No Vain Loss, the world is on the brink of the greatest war humanity has ever known. Lives will be lost. New truths will be revealed.

Oh look, it’s another cover that is exquisite perfection. *Insert all the heart eyes here* In case you’re new to my reviews and are just tuning in, be aware that this is book #3 in the No Ordinary Star series; these books are not meant to be read as stand alone novels as they are truly one united story broken up into three smaller sections that are easily devoured, quickly and ferociously. This review will be completely spoiler free, so you won’t find much discussion on specific plot points, twists, and turns, but please know that they are all there! This is the first complete trilogy to date that I have given the full five stars to each installment; if that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what will. (You can find my reviews here for No Ordinary Star and No Plain Rebel)

Again, no spoilers, but this book does pick up right where NPR left off. As it should be, this is the most action filled installment as we find our characters preparing for war alongside various bouts of other types of drama. You heard me-NO SPOILERS!!! It’s so tough to talk about this book, because I want to gush over so many things that I loved, but I’ll have to compromise for letting you know just how much I loved the action, the characters, and the resolution in the end. There was a completely unexpected twist at an undisclosed place nearing the end that blew me away, and I found myself staring at my kindle like a fish with my mouth closing and opening. The entire series’ value doesn’t depend on any one plot device, but altogether each element makes this a beautiful, lyrical, prose-filled anthem that sets it apart from much of the YA fiction currently being peddled.

If you haven’t given these books a shot, please do yourself the favor of starting at the beginning and working your way through. These books are read at the speed of lightning and are enjoyable for anyone age 13-130! It’s rare to find a book so intriguing and wholesome these days; there is a certain lack of quality in books geared toward the younger crowd, yet author Frank has somehow captured a way to write in an elegant, timely manner well accepted by a target audience that is notoriously hard to please. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys dystopian fiction, but also to those who enjoy a classic idea told in a new and exciting format. I think at heart, we all crave stories that give birth to love, and that’s exactly what these books are able to provide. ❤

*Many thanks to the author for providing my copy to review. 

M.C. Frank (writer, reader, designer, physicist and teacher, to name a few) has been living in a world of stories ever since she can remember (that’s before she knew how to write). She started writing them down when she could no longer stand the characters in her head screaming at her to give them life, and while those first scribblings weren’t exactly good (nor were they books, although she insisted on calling them that), they were enough for her to discover her passion in life. She got her university degree in physics a few years ago (yes, she’s like Sheldon, only a bit crazier!) and is now free to pursue her love of reading and writing, as well her free-lance job as editor-in-chief. She lives with her ‘dude’ in a home filled with candles, laptops and notebooks, where she rearranges her overflowing bookshelves every time she feels stressed. Which is often, since (as you might have noticed) she doesn’t pick the easiest subjects for her novels.  Learn more about her and her New Adult, Young Adult, SciFi, Greek mythology and historical novels at

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