Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/12

Happy weekend my bookish friends! It’s been a busy week for me, both with books and without. I was lucky enough to have the time to schedule ahead most of my posts this past week, which helped tremendously as I’m behind in reading and had lots of fun things to do this week, like exploring our new hometown and getting to know some new people. I received two new NetGalley titles, bought one kindle to buddy read with Sam @ Clues and Reviews, and updated my Kindle Unlimited library with 5 new titles! I had an equal balance of reviews and discussion posts this week which made me a happy camper; I really enjoyed sharing my pre-orders and popular authors I haven’t read yet with you. This week had some fabulous books featured on my Instagram, along with a giveaway where I am announcing the winner below! BOLO for more giveaways next week! How was your week? What are you reading and what books are you looking forward to?



















Review: Emma In The Night

Review: The Watcher

Cover Reveal: Broken Bones

Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Review: The Door To January

Bookish Update: Pre-Orders









Congratulations to Tracy Thomas @thepagesinbetween on winning these fabulous books!

That’s it for this week! Feel free to follow me on InstagramTwitter, and Goodreads. Until next week, have a great weekend and happy reading! ❤


About The Suspense Is Thrilling Me

Chelsea is a happily married mother of two who's love of mysteries can be traced back to her first Nancy Drew experience. When not reading and writing book reviews, she likes to drink wine in her jammies and pretend that she exercises.
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15 Responses to Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/12

  1. Busy busy you! 🙂 I am buddy reading an horror story and it’s quite fun!

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  2. Holly B / Dressedtoread says:

    Some great picks Chelsea!

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  3. Mischenko says:

    Ooooo, starting We Cant be Friends next week. I interviewed this author and her story is quite shocking. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! Excited for Jodi Picoult’s new one too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I need KU back simply for the Jodi Picoult book! lol.

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