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Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

Hey guys! I’ve seen this post floating around the blogosphere and thought it might be fun to share some of the popular authors I’ve never read. I chose 2 Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 2 Contemporary Romance, and 2 Young Adult authors to feature this go around and in the future I’ll certainly cover other genres. I tried to choose writers that I had at least one of their books on my shelf, although I believe a few are ones I plan on getting from the library. Do you see any of your favorites listed below? Who would you recommend trying first? ❤


I actually don’t own a single one of Gaiman’s novels. Insert gasp. I have been meaning to read at least one of his books for years now and somehow have never happened across owning one, and literally ALL of them are ALWAYS checked out at the library with a wait list. This is probably a sign that his books are not only worth reading, but worth purchasing at that. I have been watching the Starz adaption of American Gods with Mr. Humphrey, which we love, so I’m hoping one day soon to pick up his novels and find myself hooked on his writing like so many other readers. Which of his books is best read first?


I know! He’s one of the greats and his books are amazing and yada yada yada. I’m just as embarrassed as you are for me, I promise. However, I finally have found the motivation to get some of his books read, as I have future buddy reads with Bentley @ Book Bastion scheduled to cover Steelheart and The Mistborn Trilogy. I feel like the sheer size of his novels have intimidated me, and maybe that’s why I’ve waited so long to pick these up, but hopefully now that I have a friend to motivate me along it’ll be much easier and enjoyable. Who am I kidding; our buddy reads are always hilarious!


Here’s an author that I’ve collected some of her books over the years and somehow never carved out the time to read them! I have got to be better about not letting review copies take over my reading world because I’m missing out on so many great pleasure reads! Tucker is one author I’ve added to my list of writers I’d like to read before the end of 2017 and I’m determined to make it happen!


Tarryn Fisher is living the dream of all indie authors; the fact that she has cultivated such a huge following from self-publishing her books is unheard of! I’ve actually owned some of her books for years and have gathered a few more recently; she’s another one I’m ashamed to not have experienced yet, especially since I’m a member of her PLN group on Facebook, but I’ve already got one picked out to bring on our next trip in a couple of weeks. Can I get an amen? Maybe I’ll just take a week off of life and binge read all of her books that I have. That sounds completely doable and I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind at all. 😉


Marissa Meyer is one of the most talked about names in Young Adult fiction, so why is it I haven’t read her books yet? I own all four of the main Lunar Chronicles novels, so I really don’t have a good excuse. Just chalk this up to another set of books I’ve neglected in the frenzy and rush of getting ARCS reviewed. I’m hoping one day I can just clear my schedule enough to read them all in binge form, and while I wait I’ll have time to collect the companion novels as well.


I’m just going to stop apologizing for not reading all of the popular books yet. At the moment, I only own The Raven Boys (I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie at a conference last year and I bought the book to have her sign it), but I’m also really interested in reading The Scorpio Races, as she said this is her personal favorite out of all her novels written to date. Obviously I’ve been living behind a giant, sad rock, so hopefully I’ll be able to tackle some of these immediately!

That’s it for this post; next time I’m planning on including other various adult genres that I wasn’t able to talk about here. As always, I’d appreciate any and all suggestions on favorite books you see above and any authors you think you may like to see here! (I’ll check and see if I’ve read them or not) 😉 











59 thoughts on “Popular Authors I’ve Never Read”

  1. I currently have the first book in the mistborn trilogy too!! If you get around to reading soon, can you let us know how it is.. it may be a little out my reading zone and I am not sure if I would like it. But I want to read it so bad #readerstruggles.

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  2. I own the entire Raven Cycle series, and 5 Neil Gaiman books and have to read any of them. I also hav never read any of the Harry Potters, I’ve only read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series, I didn’t care it and have decided not to continue on with the series. I also own several K.A. Tuckers and have never read one hers either. You are def not alone lol.

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  3. Great list! Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles as well. I enjoyed The Raven Boys too, although I still have to continue that series. I hope you will be able to get to at least some of these! I can highly recommend Neverwhere, which is my absolute favorite Gaiman.

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  4. Fun list! Tarryn Fisher is the only author that I auto-buy as soon as the book goes live. Neil Gaiman’s books are in my top favorites. His children’s books are delightful, especially when you listen to him read them on audiobook. American Gods is one of my favorite books of all time; my family loves Fortunately, the Milk most because of the illustrations and because it is funny.

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  5. I love this tag! So much fun. I’ve read the YA authors you have listed but not the others. There are PLENTY of popular YA authors whose books I haven’t read. And I’ve only even read Cinder of Marissa Meyer’s series, so I can’t say that I’ve finished that series either.

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  6. I read Neverwhere awhile ago to get the No-Gaiman monkey off my back. Good read, and since I have American Gods on my shelf and it’s the size of a brick, I would recommend the much shorter Neverwhere. Of course, can we count his Sandman graphic novel? I read that long ago and you could get through it in an hour.

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  7. I laughed at this list because I’m so right there with you on most of them. I haven’t read any of these! And as an indie bookseller at a store where Neil Gaiman and Brandon Sanderson are like gods, I have no idea how I even got hired. I now have K.A. Tucker and Tarryn Fisher to add to my list of shame. (great, thanks!). 🙂

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  8. Love this post, Chelsea! The only author on this list I’ve read so far is Marissa Meyer, but the rest are on my wishlist as well! LOLing because I’ve had the exact same thought about taking a week off from life to read all. the. books. And then thinking my husband would roll his eyes at me like I’m a loon if I ever actually said that out loud! 😂

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  9. I’m a huge fan of Tarryn Fisher. And Tarryn would tell you to read Gaiman – she has recommended his books to her readers in the past. And I still haven’t read one of his books…so you’re not alone! 😉

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  10. You are not alone! 🙂

    I’ve had Scorpio Races on my To Read list for a long time now, and I’ve since added Raven Boys. Also, Tucker’s He Will Be My Ruin. I did read Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane though awhile back. 🙂

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  11. As a Sanderson buff, I suggest starting with Elantris which is a mostly stand-alone and not nearly so long. The Steelheart series is ya really and is lighter, but still hard-core sf/fantasy. I enjoyed Cinder and Scarlet, but I haven’t gotten back to her. My favorite Gaimans are American Gods, Anansi Boys and Good Omens. Haven’t read Tucker or Stiefvater. You might want to try Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana which is my favorite fantasy book. By the way, I’m character driven which explains my choices.

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  12. The Lunar Chronicles and Bad Mommy are on my list for this year. Honestly, many of these authors I haven’t read either. The Neil Gaiman’s that I did read, I loved. Great post! ❤

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  13. Ah Sanderson! He’s definitely an interesting author. I hope you like his books- they’re some of my favorites.
    Thank you for admitting that you haven’t gotten around to reading a bunch of SUPERPOPULAR books. Sometimes when I see books being reviewed on Every. Single. Blog. I feel a little sheepish abut not getting around to them. So I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s a bit behind:)

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  14. I lost my Gaimanity earlier this year with his Norse Mythology book, really enjoyed it and I found that there’s a few others in the blogging world who haven’t read him either.

    Eurgh Sanderson!😂 I have to go against popular opinion here and say he doesn’t do it for me. I read the first Mistborn book and enjoyed it so I hope you and Bentley do too but I’m not sure why but I never wanted to read another book by him after that or continue the trilogy, weird I guess!😂 Lots of people do love him though.

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  15. I haven’t read most of these either, except for Marrisa Meyer. She’s a must read! Her book Cress is one of my all-time favorites. Some of the best books touch you so deeply you shed tears. This is one of them—and I’m a macho dude who HATES crying if that says anything.

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