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Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/28/17

I’m finally back with a weekly wrap-up; I may just call it The Sporadic Wrap-Up as I seem to not have enough time to make this a consistent thing. We’ve been crazy busy and it’s birthday month for me, so naturally I’ve received all of the books and have been showing them off on social media like the book hoarding chick that I am. I’ve been a bit quiet in regards to posting, aside from reviews I’ve been scheduled for; while I miss the discussion posts I wanted to take some time to reflect on where I want to take the blog from here out and what I want featured on it. Long story short, I’m going to start spreading out my ARCS and including more fun books on here; I’m hoping this will keep me from burning out and adding a little more joy into posting instead of everything feeling like required reading. I’m also hoping to include more discussion posts based on questions I’ve received from other readers and newbie bloggers. That said, I have a few ideas to start off with but would love for you to submit any topics or concerns you may have so that we can talk about them here!

NetGalley Approvals:

Even though it’s been 3 weeks since I last posted these, I’ve only added 2 new titles to my NetGalley TBR! Yay Chelsea!

I’ve also recently received a new kindle as a birthday present from my thoughtful parents! This means I naturally went through and added some ebooks that were either free or priced very well to my library, as I’m hoping to include more kindle time soon.

Posts From Last Week:

Review: Almost Missed You (Mary)

Review: I Found You

Review: The Red Hunter

Blog Tour: Last Breath

Review: Looking For Group

Review: The Girl Who Was Taken


Well folks, I’ve had so many book pictures to post in the past 3 weeks that I’m going to just pick a few of my favorites to place here and then allow you to check out the rest for yourselves over on my Instagram page @suspensethrill.

That’s it for this week! Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads. Until next week, have a great weekend and happy reading! ❤

27 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/28/17”

  1. I read an excellent review of Beauty of the Beast! It sounds great. I hope you enjoy it. I also completely understand about spreading the ARCs out. I am currently doing the same and stopped accepting requests. I really want to tackle my own shelves. Happy birthday month!

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  2. I always love your book photos – you have such a great view and pic set up. 🙂 I hope reading your own books in between review books helps you – I’ve been doing that for a while now and it’s stopped me feeling like reading is becoming work. I don’t review all of my own books either in order to have some books that are just for me to enjoy and relax with.

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  3. Your backyard view is gorgeous! And I got a NG copy of The Roses Of May recently as well; I totally didn’t realize The Butterfly Garden was a series and I just HAD to request it since I loved the first book.

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  4. Even though I do them most weeks, I have to say the weekly posts always feel like they are about to be forgotten. I like sporadic. I also like the view from your book posts…is that from your deck? Gorgeous.

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  5. You post the most beautiful book pics! I’m always finding great new books to read from your posts.
    I’ve been blogging for just under three months and was going to wait to try my hand at requesting books from NetGalley. Well I just couldn’t wait any longer, so at the end of March I decided to go for it. I requested 8 books and was pretty sure I’d be denied for all of them, so what’s the harm? Imagine my surprise when 4 of them were accepted. Yay! Happy Dance! I can see how easily you can get sucked in and buried, so like you I’m trying really hard to keep a balance of ARC’s, new releases, and I really want to throw in a book or two a month from my ever growing TBR list.

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      1. One Perfect Lie, Witchfinder’s Sister, Bring Her Home, and Girl in Disguise. I read the first two, the other two I’m reading in May.
        I’ve been wondering something about the blog world but unsure of who to ask. It doesn’t really belong on here, so I’m going to send you a DM on Twitter later today.

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  6. I’m hoping to add some more fun reading to my blog this summer as well, gotta tackle that TBR somehow! Would you be interesting in doing a read-a-long/dual review post in the future? I just had this idea after reading your post so it is not fully formed. Let me know if that sounds at all interesting, and please don’t hesitate to turn me down, lol. We can push it out for as long as necessary until each of us is in a good place blog-wise (avoiding the phrase “caught up” as that will never really happen). It would be a great way to promote our blogs to followers who may not know of the others blog. 🙂

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      1. Let’s brainstorm for a bit and bring a few suggestions in a little while. Any particular ARCs you have coming up in maybe July? I can try to snag a copy through Netgalley. Also we could pick up a book from this last year that needs reading, if we can find one we both haven’t read 😀

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