Review: The Good Daughter


Book Title: The Good Daughter
Author: WH Brown
Series: None
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Fiction

Date Read: 01/26/17
Pub Date: 07/11/16


Edith Charring, a 17-year-old sixth-form student from Dulwich, enjoys going out and clubbing the night away with her small coterie of equally privileged schoolmates.

But her seemingly perfect life is a LIE.

For Edith carries a terrible burden: six years ago, in a seedy part of town, her mother fell under the wheels of a Tube train in suspicious circumstances.

As Edith looks deeper into her mother’s death, she unearths a web of secrets and lies that she was never meant to uncover …

And is she going crazy?

Or is her mother really leaving her a trail of clues to follow from beyond the grave?

This was book #3 in my TBConFB 2017 reading challenge and it did not disappoint. For those of you unfamiliar with the group, its The Book Club on Facebook where over 6,000 readers and authors have come together to exchange reviews and book recommendations without self promotion, meaning it’s just a laid back, fun group for all types of book lovers. The idea is, if you choose to participate, you pick 20 books to include based on the description given for each number (ex. a book with a color in the title); the catch is all 20 books must come from TBC authors, meaning they are members of the group. This was an exciting challenge for me as it’s forced me to put aside some review copies to make room for books I’ve been wanting to read but felt guilty carving out time for. It’s also a fantastic way to support authors who may not have a large publishing house backing their promotion, which I’m always excited about. That said, The Good Daughter was my choice for “a title including the word Mother/Daughter/Sister” and I’m really glad I chose it!

This was most definitely a psychological thriller that leaned heavily on being character driven rather than loads of high speed action; this is not a criticism, rather a plus in my opinion, but those looking for an action thriller won’t be the right target for this one. That’s not to say that it’s boring, far from it, but this read will be enjoyed by those looking for the focus to be on developing characters for a majority of the book then finishing off with a bit of thrilling twists. The suspense starts out as a twinge of unease and ends in a full blown, panic induced stone in your gut. I found myself constantly questioning if Edith was crazy or if something more sinister was at work; you’ll have to read the book to find out, but I was very pleased with the ending and how things wrapped up.

I’d highly recommend this to those looking for a quick, compelling read while also supporting an indie author. If you are looking for another book for your 2017 TBC challenge, this is a fantastic one to add! At the time of this writing, it’s available on kindle for $1.24 in the US and last I checked it was 99p for the UK. There are so few reviews on Goodreads that I’d be interested in comparing notes with someone else once they’ve read this one! A wonderful debut that has me excited to read what the author writes next!

8 thoughts on “Review: The Good Daughter”

  1. Ooh, I’ve ever heard of this one before, but I might look into it now! I actually thought this was a different book because Alexandra Burt’s “A Good Daughter” is coming out next week. 😂

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