Review: Lie With Me


Book Title: Lie With Me
Author: Sabine Durrant
Series: None
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Crime Fiction

Date Read: 01/12/17
Pub Date: 07/05/16



“I suppose what I am saying is, how much do we collude in our own destruction? How much of this nightmare is on me?

You can hate and rail.
You can kick out in protest.

You can do foolish and desperate things, but maybe sometimes you just have to hold up a hand and take the blame.”

Impossible to put down.

I have been holding on to this book for nearly 6 months and have no clue why I put it off for so long. Being swamped with arcs has really put a damper on my “reading for fun” stack, but I’m glad that I made a goal this year to incorporate more of my fun pile regardless of deadlines and requests. Though it took longer than I would have liked to get to it, this book was a gripping read that held my attention from beginning to end. I read my friend Jo’s review via Goodreads and was worried I might not connect with the book, as the main character is so unlikable, but she assured me it was all part of the story and I’m very glad I trusted her. The book is under 300 pages and the pacing is quick and suspenseful; that gorgeous cover really drew me in and just added bonus points to how much I loved this book.

There is a reason that the plot description is so vague and slim; you really just want to read it without knowing anything prior. This was a traditional psychological thriller, with a slow building sense of dread, like a spider building a web around it’s prey and then, by the time the victim is aware of the plan, it’s far too late to escape. While I haven’t read her second thriller, I read the first titled Under Your Skin and, while it was a bit predictable, found it an enjoyable read with fleshed out characters. Once again, Durrant shows that her writing is high quality due to her excellent development of a character driven plot. We get to know these friends well, without loads of boring details included just to fluff up the page count. Many aspects of the ending surprised me, and I felt like the author did a fantastic job of setting everything up so that it connected well in the end and made sense.

I’d highly recommend this thriller to readers who enjoy a British setting (with a bit of Greece thrown in as well); those who enjoy a building sense of dread in lieu of action packed scenes will thoroughly become engrossed in this read. This is the type of book that makes me grateful for the people in my life that I know I can trust (or can I?). It’s the type of read you can blow through easily in a single sitting; I found myself at the end of the book flipping back through to the beginning checking a few details; I love it when a book causes me to do that! Whether you bring it to the beach or a cabin by the fire, this is the perfect read to take along on a vacation as it’s easy to get lost in.

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