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The Humphrey Update!

Hey all,

This post isn’t book related (other than explaining why my book related posts have been so sparse lately), but I felt it necessary to give a little detail into what’s been going on and why I currently haven’t been accepting any review requests.

About a month ago, my husband was offered a position to go and start a new office/branch of the company he works for in Virginia. We’ve been thinking, planning, praying, and talking over this really since August, as the company had given us a heads up into whether or not we’d be interested in taking the opportunity. For those of you who don’t know us well, John travels what feels like constantly; depending on the time of year it’s 50-70% of the time. That’s a lot of being away that two little girls don’t understand and have shed many tears over, which has at times caused their mama to shed tears as well. I’d hoped and dreamed for years that some sort of option would come along where John could be home more, and it finally arrived.

Simultaneously, we discovered there was a leak in the slab under our house in a pipe going to the kitchen sink. Long story short, for the past month we have had no working kitchen, as they had to rip out all our lower cabinets on the outside wall in an attempt to drill through the concrete to fix the leak. When this failed, they ripped through our ceiling to lay new pipes and abandon the old ones. Basically our first floor isn’t livable and we can’t make meals or wash dishes. As huge of an inconvenience as this has been though, it couldn’t have come at a better time, as we can now remodel the kitchen under our insurance! Yay! I’ll be posting pictures on social media of before and after in case anyone in the area is looking for a good contractor. πŸ™‚

So… Virginia. As it stands, John and I will hopefully go looking for a rental property in the beginning of January but not officially move up there until mid-late February. As this is going to be a very busy and exciting time for us all, I’m wary of taking on anything else that might overwhelm the little available time I have. This is temporary (until we settle into a new place), but in the meantime I’m just going to work through the current arcs and other books I have and hold off on taking anything else on. If I’ve already received your book, no worries, you’re good and still getting your review. I’ll make sure and update once things have settled down and am able to take on more again. Thank you everyone for all the support and love that’s been sent our way; it’s been felt and greatly appreciated!



38 thoughts on “The Humphrey Update!”

  1. Such great news. I hope it all works out from you. I lived in Virginia for 10 years and loved it. I travelled a lot for work this last year and it is disruptive to family life so know where you are coming from. Good luck!

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      1. We were in northern Virginia with family and friends down by Fredericksburg. It was a gorgeous part of the country I thought. Though I didn’t much care for the heat in the summer….too much for an english woman!

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  2. Congratulations ❀ I have never moved from my city so I don't know what that's like. But it's such a great opportunity knowing that your husband won't have to travel that much! Sending lots of luck from Spain ^^

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  3. My young adult son has been interning with the government in Falls Church, VA and taking classes in D.C., and over the past 4 months has done many of the sight-seeing trips: museums, parks, etc. He had a blast, but is coming home this week to finish out law school until May in So. Cal. He did apply to government positions around that area and up and down the east coast so he may wind up living there. I lived in Norfolk when I was a young woman for a few years. Anyway, just wanting to say that it’s a lovely, vibrant state and though you are used to down South, you will adjust and things will get less hectic. Enjoy, good luck!

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  4. Lots going on for you! Exciting and stressful (the whole kitchen debacle) time for your family. Good luck with the move- and remember if possible I would love to meet up before you move!

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  5. Wow, a lot of stressful but also exciting things happening! I’m sorry about the messy house stuff. That sucks to deal with. But congrats on your hubby getting the new opportunity!! That sounds like it’ll be wonderful for all of you. I hope everything goes smoothly with all of it!!

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  6. Where in VA? I’m in Roanoke and we love it here πŸ™‚ Sorry about all of the mess with the house. These things come out of nowhere at the worst time don’t they? 😦

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      1. Nope, not even close, lol! Well, about 3 1/2 hours, maybe 4. But that’s a great part of the state and where the National Air and Space Museum is!

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  7. Hi Chels, thanks so much for sharing all this with us. Such a stressful yet exciting time for you and your family. You must be so proud of John for landimg this terrific opportunity. Sounds like the move will be a wonderful opportunity for you all to be together much more. It will be all worth it–family trumps everything else!

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  8. So sorry to hear about the leak in your house, home problems like that can be so stressful but it sounds like you’re on the way to getting the problem fixed and a new kitchen! I’ll send positive thoughts your way for a stress free move. Congrats on your husbands new job and good luck on finding a new house and the move

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