Review: Crooked Kingdom

Book Title: Crooked Kingdom Author: Leigh Bardugo Series: Six of Crows #2 Genres: YA, Fantasy, Fiction, Thriller Goodreads Date Read: 12/28/16 Pub Date: 09/20/16 5 STARS When you can’t beat the odds, change the game. Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn’t think they’d survive. But… Continue reading Review: Crooked Kingdom


Review: How Will I Know You?

Book Title: How Will I Know You? Author: Jessica Treadway Series: None Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Fiction Goodreads Date Read: 12/29/16 Pub Date: 12/06/16 3 STARS On a cold December day in northern upstate New York, the body of high school senior Joy Enright is discovered in the woods at the edge of a pond. She… Continue reading Review: How Will I Know You?


Review: The Mountain in my Shoe

Book Title: The Mountain in My Shoe Author: Louise Beech Series: None Genres: Psychological, Mystery, Contemporary, Fiction Goodreads Date Read: 12/26/16 Pub Date: 07/23/16 5 STARS A missing boy. A missing book. A missing husband. A woman who must find them all to find herself. On the night Bernadette finally has the courage to tell… Continue reading Review: The Mountain in my Shoe

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Review: Witness

Book Title: Witness Author: Caroline Mitchell Series: None Genres: Psychological Thriller, Suspense Fiction Goodreads Date Read: 12/20/16 Pub Date: 12/20/16 5 STARS To Rebecca it was a brave decision that led to her freedom from domestic abuse. To Solomon it was the ultimate betrayal. It’s been ten years since Rebecca’s testimony saw Solomon locked away.… Continue reading Review: Witness


Review: Wintersong

Book Title: Wintersong Author: S. Jae-Jones Series: Standalone but companion novel set for 2018 Genres: YA, Fantasy, Romance Goodreads Date Read: 12/21/16 Pub Date: 02/07/16 3 STARS Beware the goblin men and the wares they sell. All her life, nineteen-year-old Liesl has heard tales of the beautiful, mysterious Goblin King. He is the Lord of… Continue reading Review: Wintersong


Review: Duplicity

Book Title: Duplicity Author: Sibel Hodge Series: None Genres: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Fiction Goodreads Date Read: 11/15/16 Pub Date: 12/27/16 5 STARS There are three sides to every story: Yours. Mine. And the truth… Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life—newlywed, madly in love and enviously rich. Then Max is brutally stabbed to… Continue reading Review: Duplicity


Review: Dying for Christmas

Book Title: Dying for Christmas Author: Tammy Cohen Series: None Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Horror, Christmas Goodreads Date Read: 11/14/16 Pub Date(US): 11/22/16 4 STARS Out Christmas shopping one December afternoon, Jessica Gould meets the charming Dominic Lacey and impulsively agrees to go home with him for a drink. What follows is a Twelve Days… Continue reading Review: Dying for Christmas