Stalked- Teaser/Excerpt


Stalked Excerpt:

A popular girl goes missing, and everyone close to her has something to hide. Go inside the mind of a criminal in the fourth book in the riveting Profiler series:
STALKED by Elizabeth Heiter.

“Where are you, Haley?” Linda whispered into the stillness of her daughter’s room.
Today marked exactly a month since her daughter had gone missing. Since Haley’s boyfriend Jordan had dropped her off at school for cheerleading practice. Since her best friend Marissa had waved to her from the field on that unusually warm day, watched her walk into the school, presumably to change before joining Marissa at practice.

She’d never walked out again.

How did a teenage girl go missing from inside her high school? No one could answer that for Linda. As time went by, they seemed to have fewer answers and more questions.
But Linda knew—with some deep part of her she could only explain as mother’s intuition—that Haley was out there somewhere. Not buried in an unmarked grave, as she’d overheard two cops speculating when day after day passed with no more clues. Haley was still alive, and just waiting for someone to bring her home. Linda clutched Haley’s bright pink sweatshirt tighter.

She fell against the bed, trying to hold her sobs in, and the mattress slid away from her, away from the box spring. Linda froze as the edge of a tiny black notebook caught her attention. The book was jammed between the box spring and the bedframe. The police must have missed it, because she’d seen them peer underneath Haley’s mattress when they’d looked through the room, assessing her daughter’s things so matter-of-factly.
Linda’s pulse skyrocketed as she yanked it out. She didn’t recognize the notebook, but when she opened the cover, there was no mistaking her daughter’s girly handwriting. And the words…

She dropped the notebook, practically flung it away from her in her desire to get rid of it, to un-see it. She didn’t realize she’d started screaming until her husband ran into the room and wrapped his arms around her. “What? What is it?” he kept asking, but all she could do was sob and point a shaking hand at the notebook, lying open to the first page, and Haley’s distinctive scrawl:

If you’re reading this, I’m already dead.

Follow FBI profiler Evelyn Baine as she tries to uncover
which of Haley’s secrets might have led to her disappearance.
STALKED by Elizabeth Heiter.
Available December 27, 2016,
from MIRA Books.

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