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Blog Tour: Away From the Dark

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Book Title: Away From The Dark
Author: Aleatha Romig
Series: The Light #2
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction, Contemporary

Date Read: 10/13/16
Pub Date: 10/18/16


Nine months ago, Sara Adams awoke with no memory. The man holding her hand told her she’s a member of The Light, a tight-knit religious group led by the terrifying and charismatic Father Gabriel. As a woman in the community of The Light, her duty is to be unquestionably obedient and to submit to the will of her husband.

But as Sara’s memory starts to return and she remembers her past, she sees that everything she’s been told is a lie. The Light is an insidious and dangerous organization, and its corrupting influence reaches well beyond the confines of the remote campus where Sara is being held.

With everything at stake, Sara struggles to sort out her true memories from her indoctrination. The desire to escape consumes her, but who can she trust? And which other followers of The Light were forced into this life, brainwashed to believe they belonged? The more she remembers, the more it becomes clear that Jacob, the man who calls himself her husband, is keeping shattering secrets of his own.

But Sara cannot flee alone, leaving innocents behind. She must fight to extinguish The Light.

While difficult, I’m attempting to keep this review completely spoiler free in regards to books #1&2 in The Light series. This being book 2, you are either just now hearing about this addicting series and need to immediately rush out and grab Into the Light, or you’ve read book #1 and are about to start/just finished Away From the Dark (yay! that’s this book!). Either way, you’re in for a treat, and I can’t stress enough how fantastic this series is. While I originally thought this was just going to be a duology, I’m now wondering if she left this the way it is with the intent of coming back to it at a later date? I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger; just an open ending, but more on that later.

This book picks up directly where Into the Light left off, and even though you wouldn’t want to, (because book #1 was fantastic and you’d be missing loads of details that make these books as good as they are) you could almost pick this one up and be filled in on all the major happenings of book #1. The first 35-40% of the book is setting up “the grand finale” and convincing Sara to “extinguish The Light”. I know, VAGUE VAGUE VAGUE but it’s for your own good. If you read book #1 you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ll admit, the pacing was a little slower to begin with in this book, but once it took off I couldn’t put it down. I just love the characters in these books; even though at times it’s cheesy and unrealistic, I can’t help but get sucked into their world and become attached. I LOVE CULT THEMED BOOKS. Call me twisted, but it has always fascinated me, especially due to my inquisitive mind always trying to pin point how a few humans can convince a group to follow their mentality. There has been some fantastic cult-related fiction released in 2016, but these books take the cake. The romantic aspect is a huge draw as well, as its not overly mushy or erotic, which just adds to the plot instead of distracting from the action.

I’ll admit that the ending went in a completely different direction than I expected, which is always a good thing! Two separate characters who I felt were just minor and necessary for specific motivations turned out to be major characters who I’d like to see come back and continue the story (come on Aleatha!!! Don’t leave us hanging!) 🙂 Again, for those who are thinking “I don’t want to start another series that will just leave me unsatisfied and hanging in the end”; don’t. I can’t go into detail but it’s not that kind of ending. There was closure on multiple levels, and the ending could be left alone perfectly fine if she chooses. This was just an ending that left the option of coming back in the future. Clearly you can tell which side of the fence I fall on, but I will respect her wishes if she so chooses to never touch these characters again. *sniff sniff* Highly recommended to cult fiction and thriller fanatics; this one isn’t just marketed to ladies! I know many of my Goodreads buddies have read both already, and the reviews are turning out to be just as fabulous for this one as they were for the first. Well done, and I’ll be looking for more from author Aleatha Romig.

*I received my copy from the publisher via InkSlinger PR in exchange for a review on the Away From the Dark blog tour. Many thanks for my copy and hoping this one receives all the attention it so richly deserves!

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