Review: Everything You Want Me To Be

Book Title: Everything You Want Me To Be Author: Mindy Mejia Series: None Genres: Mystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Contemporary Goodreads Date Read: 10/07/16 Pub Date: 01/03/17 5 STARS Full of twists and turns, Everything You Want Me to Be reconstructs a year in the life of a dangerously mesmerizing young woman, during which a small… Continue reading Review: Everything You Want Me To Be

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Guest Post- Something About Grace

Something About Grace by Andy Blackman Grace is not a complex character to understand, she comes from an era when life was simpler, and family values were stronger than they are in this day and age. Both Grace‚Äôs parents were killed in the early bombing of London, not having any siblings or close family to… Continue reading Guest Post- Something About Grace