Review: Results May Vary

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Book Title: Results May Vary
Author: Bethany Chase
Series: None
Genres: Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Date Read: 08/13/16
Pub Date: 08/09/16


Can you ever really know the person you love?

She never saw it coming. Without even a shiver of suspicion to warn her, Caroline Hammond discovers that her husband is having an affair with a man—a revelation that forces her to question their entire history together, from their early days as high school sweethearts through their ten years as a happily married couple. In her now upside-down world, Caroline begins envisioning her life without the relationship that has defined it: the loneliness of being an “I” instead of a “we”; the rekindled yet tenuous closeness with her younger sister; and the unexpected—and potentially disastrous—attraction she can’t get off her mind. Caroline always thought she knew her own love story, but as her husband’s other secrets emerge, she must decide whether that story’s ending will mean forgiving the man she’s loved for half her life, or facing her future without him.

Compassionate and uplifting, Results May Vary is a bittersweet celebration of the fact that in love and in life, we rarely get exactly what we bargained for.

Talk about a bombshell dropped in the first chapter! Clearly its not spoiler worthy as it is mentioned in the blurb, but our journey with poor Caroline begins when she finds out her husband of 10 years is having an affair with a man. The author did a fantastic job of making me as a reader feel simultaneously awkward and pitying during those first few sections of our girl’s downward spiral, but this is chick lit and overall kept a light feel. The plot is very straight forward and slightly predictable, but it was an overall enjoyable read for me.

I was completely in the mood for a lighter read and picked this up at a good time. While the story does deal with some heavier elements, especially a central theme of Caroline having to work through her anger and grief surrounding the dissolving of her decade long marriage, it still had an overwhelmingly surface level feel to it. This isn’t the book to pick up if you are expecting extreme levels of deep connection and long term remembrance; this is a fun, summer read to enjoy with the warm weather. This is not a criticism; I whole heartedly embrace these types of reads as I crave it periodically as a relief from the overall heavy and dark books I read. I just hope to market this type of book to the right reader.

I really want to keep this review short as the plot tends to be a little less complex and I don’t want to take away from another reader’s experience, but I’ll say that this was a fantastically breezy read that would be perfect on a trip, preferably at the beach while sunbathing. Possibly with a cocktail in hand. And no children. *Wake up Chelsea!!!* Any way, the style of writing was witty and biting at times while also including some very serious, emotional sections. If you are a fan of Emily Giffin, Jen Lancaster, or Jennifer Weiner, you will very likely enjoy this easy read with one of the most gorgeous covers I have seen this year!

* I received my copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. many thanks to Ballantine and Bethany Chase for an enjoyable escape from reality! 

12 thoughts on “Review: Results May Vary”

  1. Bah! Poor girl! This makes me so sad for the main character, though I’m glad that the author still manages to keep things somewhat light (because I would be beyond devastated if this happened to me). I’m glad that you enjoyed the novel!

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  2. I dated a boy and fell in love…and he came out to me 2 years later. It broke my heart: it’s not another girl, so you can’t compete. I knew I was not, would I ever, be a man. I was in denial a long time, as we remained friends, and every once in awhile things would heat up and he would stop me. He said I was the only girl he’d ever love. Didn’t heal the burn, though.
    I understand how the main character must’ve felt. But you’d think it would be a deeper read.

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