Review: Dark Matter

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Book Title: Dark Matter
Author: Blake Crouch
Series: None
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

Date Read: 07/31/16
Pub Date: 07/26/16


“Are you happy with your life?” Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious. Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits. Before a man Jason’s never met smiles down at him and says, “Welcome back, my friend.”

In this world he’s woken up to, Jason’s life is not the one he knows. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born. And Jason is not an ordinary college physics professor but a celebrated genius who has achieved something remarkable–something impossible.

Is it this world or the other that’s the dream? And even if the home he remembers is real, how can Jason possibly make it back to the family he loves? The answers lie in a journey more wondrous and horrifying than anything he could’ve imagined—one that will force him to confront the darkest parts of himself even as he battles a terrifying, seemingly unbeatable foe.

Dr. Mr. Crouch,

I was first introduced to your work via my Aunt Janet “The Librarian” years ago; she started me off with your Andrew Z. Thomas/Luther Kite series and I knew I’d found a new favorite author. I branched out on my own and decided to try the Wayward Pines series; somehow I ended up liking that even more than the previous. I was on a roll! Months ago, when I first saw your new book listed on NetGalley, it was vague and sneaky, both things I like in a book, but I decided to wait on requesting until I saw a couple of reviews. Then it hit me-everyone was describing this new book as a love story. A LOVE STORY?! No thanks; not for me. I don’t do that mushy-gushy nonsense. I was disappointed; I had really hoped for something exciting and fresh! As time went on, more of my Goodreads buds kept giving me grief to the point I agreed to read it, but I put it off as long as possible until finally I just needed to clear it off my shelf. I was still a little bitter and possibly throwing a tantrum, but I was going to read it despite your utter betrayal into the land of touchy feely.

Boy was I wrong. I know; I should have trusted you. And I finally get all those “this is truly a love story-blah blah blah” comments, because at heart, it is just that. You made sure to include all the intelligent, thrilling components of a Blake Crouch masterpiece that made me almost cancel my date night because I had to read “just one more chapter”. I’m not sure who’s bright idea it was to release your book during this Stranger Things phenomenon, but it was genius. My brain hasn’t had to process this much science since college, and it’s given me the illusion that I can moonlight as an intellectual again. Hehe. Anyway, no plot summary, giveaways, or spoilers here, but thank you good sir for putting in the time and effort to create an unforgettable journey that is sure to stay with all its readers for years to come. I appreciate you keeping it simple enough for my brain to keep up, and hopefully I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ll be recommending this to everyone in the near future and am sure to include this in my Top Books of 2016 round up.

Thanks again, and looking forward to the next book. I promise to be more trusting the next go around.

All the best,


P.S. I received my digital copy via NetGalley from Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest and fair review. I ended up loving it so much that they sent a paper arc that was leftover and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival to add to my collection of awesome books that were keepers. 


6 thoughts on “Review: Dark Matter”

  1. I’m so glad you liked this because I did a Waiting on Wednesday post for this book and I’ve been dying to read it ever since I heard about it. Crouch is an awesome writer. I loved his Wayward Pines series. I was so bummed I didn’t get approved for an ARC, but I plan to buy it soon. Nice review!

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