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Blog Tour: My Girl

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When I was asked to be a part of Jack Jordan’s blog tour for My Girl I was stoked. I was going in blind to his novels as he was a new author to me, but suffice it to say that my 5 star review showed how impressed I was. Speaking of which, I’ve decided to repost my review below, as you might have missed it the first go around and I was so dang excited about this book that I couldn’t hold my review off until today! If you are looking for a gripping, dark read that you will fly through in 24 hours (or in my case, just a couple of hours) you HAVE to pick this one up.


Book Title: My Girl
Author: Jack Jordan
Series: None
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Fiction
Date Read: 06/14/14
Pub Date: 07/04/16

Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man.

She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house.

Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death?

Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets.

But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me.

I think its safe to say that this book is intoxicating, as I devoured it in about 2.5 hours after my kids went to bed. I kept saying “Just one more chapter, then I’ll put it down and get a good night’s sleep”. I honestly had every intention of just reading the first 5% or so, as I had been working on finishing a previous book that afternoon and wanted just a taste of what I was starting next. Clearly, Jack Jordan had other plans for me! I will be putting no quotes in this review and be touching on the plot as little as absolutely possible, because otherwise this is what my review would look like….


Ok, so first off, the less you know about the plot going into it the better. If you could even just pick this up without reading the summary, I would highly recommend doing so, even though that sounds ludicrous. This is one of those books that, the more people have read it, the less likely it will be to keep all the surprises from being spoiled, so jump on it ASAP! Yes, there is a majorly big, huge, GINORMOUS twist and it is NOT at the end of the book. I hate harping on big twists because then all you do while reading is search for the twist instead of enjoying the book as you read. There is a lot of punch packed in such a small book; some reviews have said it wasn’t long enough to fully develop the characters, but I personally thought it was just enough. This is truly a dark book and I’m not sure dragging it out would have made any improvements (IMO).

One thing I appreciated about the ending was how it was satisfying without being cookie cutter perfect. If you are the type who needs every single questions answered and nothing left open or to the imagination, this book is likely not for you. Also, if you have a weak stomach and cannot handle graphic violence and other major triggers involving sexual/physical abuse (think Karin Slaughter, Angela Marsons, Jeffrey Deaver, etc), this book is also not for you. It was addicting in a traumatic way-like a car accident on the side of the road. Its grisly, gruesome, and disgusting, but you are fascinated and can’t seem to look away. I also appreciated the author’s ability to write from a female standpoint; there was a particular scene where Paige is remembering her daughter and reminiscing on her scar from a cesarian section; it wholly made me reminisce on both of my daughter’s births and how I couldn’t even fathom life after something happening to either one of them.

I’m so sorry that this review is so vague, but I promise its for your benefit and I couldn’t handle spoiling this for other readers before they even had the chance to experience this story for themselves. Highly recommended to the right reader!! So grateful for the chance to read this from the author and am thrilled to be a stop on his blog tour for My Girl on Thursday, July 7th!

* I received an e-galley of this book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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