Review: I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

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Book Title: I’m Thinking Of Ending Things
Author: Iain Reid
Series: None
Genres: Psychological Suspense, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

Date Read: 06/09/16
Pub Date: 06/14/16

You will be scared. But you won’t know why…

“I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It’s always there. Always.

Jake once said, “Sometimes a thought is closer to truth, to reality, than an action. You can say anything, you can do anything, but you can’t fake a thought.”

And here’s what I’m thinking: I don’t want to be here.”

In this deeply suspenseful and irresistibly unnerving debut novel, a man and his girlfriend are on their way to a secluded farm. When the two take an unexpected detour, she is left stranded in a deserted high school, wondering if there is any escape at all. What follows is a twisted unraveling that will haunt you long after the last page is turned.

In this smart, suspenseful, and intense literary thriller, debut novelist Iain Reid explores the depths of the human psyche, questioning consciousness, free will, the value of relationships, fear, and the limitations of solitude. Reminiscent of Jose Saramago’s early work, Michel Faber’s cult classic Under the Skin, and Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk about Kevin, I’m Thinking of Ending Things is an edgy, haunting debut. Tense, gripping, and atmospheric, this novel pulls you in from the very first page…and never lets you go.

I don’t write a lot of reviews where I give a book under 3 stars; I’d like to think its because I typically know what type of book I like to read, but every now and again I get it completely wrong and I have to write an embarrassing review on why I disliked a novel that everyone else seems to rave about. This was one of those books. I was immediately requesting this one on NetGalley the second I saw it, as it sounded right up my alley. Creepy, suspenseful, vague-YES! However, I’ll say that my not liking this book was not reflective on the writer’s abilities and talent; the book was very well written in style and he is clearly very bright. My problems all lie within the plot itself.

“If I had your number, we could talk, and I’d tell you something funny.”

There’s not much I can say about the plot; there’s a reason the blurb is so vague. Jake and “The Girlfriend” are heading on a trip to his parent’s farm and weird things start happening. Then they leave and stop off at an old school and more weird things happen. That’s the gist of it; coming in at 224 pages this one is very brief, and I think if the plot had been fleshed out a little more it might have worked for me. It all felt so BAM BAM BAM DONE! I was left holding my kindle thinking “Um. What?” It takes until 40% of the book for it to even get going; up until that point they are just talking in the car about a lot of weird stuff (ex. “You are the new man. How delicious cannot forget, special taste. Return the turn flavor.”). Yes, I guess it makes sense once you get to the end, but that was my other big problem; I had this book figured out within the first chapter. If the ending isn’t obvious to you, you very well might enjoy this book much more than I did. Even though I didn’t give this book a glowing rating, I’d like to end my review with a list of things I did like about the book as the author clearly put time and energy into this book and all reviews are worthy of that.


The author put together some very intelligent narrative, probably too intelligent for me and proves why I wasn’t a good fit for this book. He clearly researched the meaning behind many big words to make Jake as verbose as he is.

From about 40-90% this book had me sucked in. These parts were gloriously creepy, especially all the farm house scenes. If the entire book had been of this nature I would have given it 5 stars.

Without giving away too much, I really appreciated how the author managed to connect the ending with the beginning; that was a really neat touch that I’m sure was difficult to construct.

*Thank you to both NetGalley and the author for providing me a copy even though it wasn’t my favorite book of the year. I appreciate how publishers and authors take that chance knowing many people will not write glowing reviews and that they don’t stone us in our sleep.

8 thoughts on “Review: I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”

  1. Great review, Chelsea! I was really looking forward to reading this one. Now I’m not sure, since this kind of read tends to be my fav genre, and I get really annoyed when it doesn’t go well. 🙂 But I REALLY appreciate you listing the pros to this read for those on the fencers like me!

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      1. I can tell from your review that I will like it more than you did. I have a philosophy minor so I was practically yelling at the book with enthusiasm at some of Jake’s musings in the car ride. However, I have already predicted the ending, as well, I believe which is unfortunate.

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      2. Yeah, it happens to me so often- I think from having read so many books- that I’m sort of used to it. It makes it that much better when I read a book with an unpredictable ending. We will see how I feel once I’m done…later today most likely!

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  2. I also read the blurb and thought it seemed interesting but then I read reviews that said the same thing you’ve written. Great review, it’s not easy to write this stuff when you’ve been given the book for free!

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