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Play Dead: Angela Marsons Q&A

Courtesy of Angela Marsons

I’ve had the sincere pleasure of getting to know Angie while working through the kinks
of launching a new blog, and she is all around the genuine real-deal.  One of the reasons I
reached out to her for an interview (aside from being one of my top 5 favorite authors) is that
I’ve always been curious of the behind-the-scenes aspects when writing really dark crime
thrillers.  How do authors stay sane while dealing with such graphic material and in what ways do they conduct the research needed to write these types of stories?  I think most of her readers will agree that she always includes an aspect of life, whether a lifestyle struggle or disability, that we can learn from, and her newest book PLAY DEAD is no exception.  You can find my review HERE and don’t forget to enter HERE to win a signed copy of Play Dead!


1) Where did the inspiration for your D.I. Kim Stone character come from? How long did it take you to develop the idea behind this series into the stories we are reading today?

The character of Kim Stone had been bubbling away in my head for many years but she sounded far too rude and abrasive to put onto paper. I spent a long time trying to create characters and stories I thought agents and publishers would like instead of staying true to the voice in my head. Once I allowed her use of my pencil the ideas just began to form for all the situations and storylines I wanted her to face. Luckily she seems to have a lot to say.

2) Your books are dark, graphic, and fairly disturbing; definitely not for the faint of heart! How do you manage to keep yourself grounded and whole while writing in this genre and what advice do you have for others wanting to dabble in this type of book?

The dark scenes don’t bother me as much as the emotional scenes. In Lost Girls I found it particularly difficult to write the scenes from the point of view of the young girls. These are the scenes that I find difficult to leave at the work desk. I think including a bit of humour here and there helps me to keep the balance in my own mind. My advice to anyone writing in this genre is make sure you do your research. If a subject is worth writing about it is worth learning about so you can do it justice.

3) Who has been your favorite reoccurring character to develop and why?

My favourite recurring character would be Alexandra Thorne (Evil Games) and will be returning in book five. I have always been interested in the Sociopathic personality so researching and then reflecting it factually is really interesting for me.

4) When writing your novels, what are your research procedure(s) and how do you implement these in making your books so realistic?

I buy lots and lots of factual books and spend a lot of time on Wikipedia. I always try to include subjects that fascinate me so that the research is interesting. For me the key is learning a lot but only including what is necessary. It is tempting to include all that you have learned but it may not be necessary for the story.

5) Any big plans for D.I. Kim Stone in the making? Can we expect an extended series for now and can you give us any morsels on what to expect next?

Well, I’m currently working on book 5 and am contracted to write 8 Kim Stone books altogether. However, there may be more. Watch this space…..




Courtesy of Angela Marsons

Angela discovered a love of writing at Primary School when a short piece on the rocks and the sea gained her the only merit point she ever got.
Angela wrote the stories that burned inside and then stored them safely in a desk drawer.
After much urging from her partner she began to enter short story competitions in Writer’s News resulting in a win and three short listed entries.
She used the Amazon KDP program to publish two of her earlier works before concentrating on her true passion – Crime.
After many, many submissions Angela was signed in a 4 book deal to Bookouture as their first crime author. Her first book SILENT SCREAM was published in February 2015.

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  1. I am so stoked after reading this interview with my top favorite, Angela Marsons. Her books are spot-on smart and satisfying. Cheering her on for the next one!

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